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          该 获奖 在正规澳门赌场视觉艺术项目允许学生在最早的阶段,通过学习伟大的艺术家,他们的成长钻研艺术世界 创造力和微调他们的技术技能。来自教育部的校园艺术表演当地,州和全国比赛, 机会 比比皆是学生展示他们的爱和 征服 艺术的。


          The middle school art curriculum builds upon the lower school foundations with further investigation of the Elements and Principles of Design and creative problem solving strategies. The students’ art shows at Festival in The Park, 该 Collage Art Shows and competes in the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition. Art is an elective in 中学 and is available all three years.

          Upper school students have the opportunity to advance to numerous class options including Art II, Studio Art Honors, AP Studio Art, Digital Photography, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and AP Art History. Students utilize basic “principles of design” and master the ability to see artistically and solve visual problems creatively. Students also compete in numerous art competitions including the Scholastic Art & Writing Competition, Congressional Art Competition, Patriotic Art Competition, Festival in the Park, Matthews ArtFest, and the school’s own knightvision艺术展.


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